Dear Reader

How are you holding up?  So many countries, you are always on the go.  Do you like flying?  I hope so.

When you aren’t in the U.K. or Brazil, Italy, France and all those other places, you come to Canada.  Do you like it the best?

I’ll pour some wine.

That solar vortex they’ve been talking about, it’s hit Vancouver.  It is very beautiful but cold.  Whistler cold.  Antarctica cold.  Ok, not that cold.

The wine is good.  Prophecy  Pinot Noir  California

Have you ever been to California?  It’s wonderful!  I feel like a million the moment I step off that plane…It’s winter here, it’s dark, people are coughing.

The drive to the airport…

A lot of drugs and alcohol later, a balmy breeze ruffles my freshly coiffed hair, gently dispersing the Chanel Chance green I bought at the duty free.  Flowering cacti blanket the sandy hills.  But I digress …

I’ve been meaning to express my appreciation.  You’ve been with me for 10 years. Thank you!

Every now and then I look for where you are, and wonder what you’re doing there.  What are you doing there?  Really?

I’m going to California soon.  The sun will be setting.  The air will be sweet.

You were in Egypt yesterday.  Is the terrain similar?  Have you been to the pyramids?  Does the desert bloom?

So many questions.  I’m more of a listener.

Dear Reader, enjoy your travels.  Stay in touch.

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