Keep moving

Stonehenge is old.  How old is it?  –  thousands of years.  There may be some debate.


The small amount of sinking, according to Charles Darwin, is due to earthworms.


The statues of Easter Island, on the other hand, have mostly sunk, as excavations recently revealed.












These 2″ thick stepping stones were placed on top of the ground last month. The ones in the next picture were placed a few years ago and have sunk.

Some day it will all be in there, deep inside Earth.

What is hidden?  How far down does our history go?

Gravity, the furnace of volcanoes, sudden shifts from earthquakes and the crushing devastation of ice ages ending civilizations.

Does a human soul have weight?  Can it become heavy with hate?  Would it be unable to maintain a rate of spin fast enough to keep it from sinking?

I shall ponder this over a cosmo







ta da












in my favourite chair … not for too long though


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