Wicked Witch of the West

WWW:  Don’t you want to know what your test results are?

me:  Yes!

WWW:  Why didn’t you call for appointment?

me:  I’ve been calling for a week!

WWW:  You know I am busy.

me:  Why don’t you call me back? I left a message every time.

WWW:  Cannot return calls.

me:  Why not?

WWW:  I am busy.

me:  If you won’t return calls, why does the message ask me to leave one?

WWW:  Yes, that is a problem. I have talked to my coworkers. Can’t fix it.

me:  Do you think it’s ok for a medical clinic not to answer the phone or return messages?

WWW:  hmmm. So, you want to make appointment?

me:  Yes!

Well, at least she called. It’s probably bad news.

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