It’s going to rain.

“It’s going to rain,” she said. “I was going for a walk but I’m turning back.”

“It’s not going to rain,” repeating, “it’s not going to rain. The weather forecast says it’s going to be hot on the weekend.”

“Hot?” She was looking up. “No, it looks dark. It’s going to rain.”

“It’s not going to rain. It’s dark because the sun is setting. There is no rain in the forecast for 4 days.”

“Really? No rain? But it’s cold…It’s going to rain.”

“It’s cold because you are in the shade. It’s going to be dry.”

She was incredulous. “Dry?”


“No rain?”

“That’s right. No rain.”

She needed to believe it and continued on her walk.

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It’s freezing in here.

Heritage buildings may not be known for their cozy interiors when it’s cold outside.

Sitting, working, freezing.

Those who shake my hand are freeze dried, frozen upright.

Odd that people I’ve known for years, who never cared to touch me in any way are reaching out, needing to make contact.

They chill. A subtle tremor is evident.

And they are thinking, I’ve known her all these years and I had no idea she was so Brrrrr cold.

It would probably go better if I shut the window.

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Politically Incorrect

My nephew Pete



took the time machine back to Halloween 1985, where he was an inappropriate


office manager


with a little too much time on his hands



but the ladies didn’t seem to mind.


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Wicked Witch of the West

WWW:  Don’t you want to know what your test results are?

me:  Yes!

WWW:  Why didn’t you call for appointment?

me:  I’ve been calling for a week!

WWW:  You know I am busy.

me:  Why don’t you call me back? I left a message every time.

WWW:  Cannot return calls.

me:  Why not?

WWW:  I am busy.

me:  If you won’t return calls, why does the message ask me to leave one?

WWW:  Yes, that is a problem. I have talked to my coworkers. Can’t fix it.

me:  Do you think it’s ok for a medical clinic not to answer the phone or return messages?

WWW:  hmmm. So, you want to make appointment?

me:  Yes!

Well, at least she called me. It’s probably bad news.

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Dear Santa,

You’ve been good to me most years, except the ones when I was bad. Those were the years.

Anyhoo Santa, I’ve been pretty, mostly good.

This year please bring a very large home. It should have lots of hallways leading off in different directions. And sound proof bedrooms far away from one another. Also plumbing, lots of it. Rooms overflowing with devices hooked up to pipes.

This very large home should have fireplaces. And an oil stove in the kitchen. Yes, there I said it, oil.

I would like it to be on the water so I could hear waves at night. Qualicum Beach would be nice.

Qualicum Beach

Qualicum Beach


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thongs in circle park

3 p.m.

3 p.m.

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