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My asthma’s been acting up lately.

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Predicting the Future

Notice the message bottom of screen appearing when Patriots were on the 25 yard line, BEFORE they won the game with a touchdown.


Can you spot the problem?

Here we have, below, a street sign on busy Broadway in Vancouver, indicating ONE lane, for both bicycles and large express B-line buses.

Buses and bicycles, use this lane.

Buses and bicycles, use this lane.

Vegas season 2 (please)

CBS has cancelled Vegas just because the ratings weren’t high enough…of all the flimsy excuses.

Sheriff Ralph Lamb, played by Dennis Quaid, was the real deal –  sheriff in Las Vegas from 1961 to 1979.

Great characters – Ralph’s younger brother, Deputy Jack Lamb (Irish actor Jason O’Mara, with no hint of an Irish dialect on the show), Raph’s son, Dixon (Taylor Handley), also helping to keep law and order, and Katherine O’Connell (played by “Matrix” star Carrie-Anne Moss), the ever professional, cool on the outside Assistant District Attorney.

Is this how CBS is leaving things forever?  Katherine in the hospital, clinging to life after her car crash?

Vincent Savino, my favorite mobster

I haven’t forgotten you, bad, baldie Savino (Michael Chiklis).

When you and Sheriff Lamb fight the same enemy, well, it doesn’t get any better than that.

This show is REAL entertainment, with professional actors, polished sets, and beautiful costumes.

And a period piece!

I won’t stoop so low as to beg.

Ok, I will.


I’m beggin’ you!

Put Vegas back where it belongs, in my living room every week.



What is it?

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