hibernating bear

a hibernator (noun), hibernating (verb) – Bear

“(Of a person) remain inactive or indoors for an extended period
NOUN:  hibernator”*

*Oxford Dictionary

Some endotherms become sluggish in winter.  They move slowly or not at all, sleeping for long periods and awaken only when the need for sustenance demands it.

Such a rare event, to capture this starving creature stumbling from its enclave, roused, venturing into the cold, desolate terrain, eyes squinting in the low afternoon sun, muscles soft and weak.  What is that stirring in the distance?  Prey? Predator?  An SUV?

Joined now by others emerging from their dark refuse the unkempt laggards lumber into Waves Coffee.  The apparent leader orders a dark chocolate soy mocha with three shots, slurping it down as she moves on to forage for roll dip take out.

In short order, before the caffeine wears off, she shuffles into the pie shop

Aphrodite's for pie

Aphrodite’s where the pies are

before waddling back to her lair, unaware her frowzy clan has disassembled behind her; meandering along side streets and lanes as night falls.

The jarring clang of a crashing garbage can shatters the tranquil evening calm.

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