Dear Reader,

I’ve checked this site’s stats and see you are getting around, from country to country, just like old times. You haven’t even slowed down.

I trust you are keeping well.

That washroom I used to like at work, with the dim lights, I miss it. My washroom at home is too bright. The only time I look reasonable now is after dark, with a scarf over the night light. But it isn’t as good as the magic mirror at my old workplace. That little dose of fantasy kept my spirits up. And I’m staying away from that magnifying mirror I made the mistake of buying. In fact, I don’t look at mirrors at all anymore.

So here we are, you and me. It’s cocktail hour. I fancy a bit of whisky. There are several options; Irish, Jameson? Or perhaps Welsh, Penderyn. Scotch? Bowmore, Macallan. The other night I tried Bulleit Burbon and slept really well. I’ll go with that one

even though Penderyn is the best. – I’ll save it for a special occasion. The only country in Great Britain missing whisky here is England. They have good beer. I’ll bring in some Old Speckled Hen.

I’ve been watching more TV.  I tried a Canadian channel yesterday, from Edmonton. They were talking about saving an old neon sign in their city.  How refreshing!  It wasn’t about people getting sick and dying.

What’s happened to the news? Was Walter Cronkite a Republican or a Democrat? Now it’s obvious who the newscasters favour – the same ones as their employers, the networks.

I had to decide: Republican or Democrat? Is there an impartial choice?
It seems there is only one network if you want a Republican, the one the president calls into.  And several for the Democrats.

Why get angry and all worked up at the end of a long day?  I just want peace and contentment.  So I pick one I agree with.

I used to have little crushes on different newscasters, just one at a time though, like my relationships. There was Dan, when I was married to a guy who looked like him. After the divorce my preference turned to blonds. In later years I had a thing for Wolf. Then I got a boyfriend who looked like Wolf, we broke up, and that was the end of Wolf.

In those days I didn’t know who the newscasters voted for. They were pretty stoic. Now everybody knows. TV news lost something valuable: Objectivity.

I’m going to try a little wine now. How about you?

After a small dose of the news I need a diversion before the late night shows. I Love Lucy has been interesting. They smoke a lot in that show. When Lucy thinks she’s in trouble she calls Ricky “Sir.” The other night he took her over his knee and spanked her.

There’s Ancient Aliens: “…but what if…”   And old movies. I really like those, especially the Thin Man series, Phillip Marlowe, and anything Humphrey Bogart is in – “they fished him out of the drink,” “listen sister,” “just another dame.”

The wine is good, local and reasonable: Pinot Noir – Siren’s Call

With summer approaching I’ll have to watch 10 again one of these evenings. My favourite scene is George and Jenny walking on the beach in Mexico.  So romantic.  And what is better than a dream coming true?

Another summer must is Billy Wilder’s The Seven Year Itch with Marilyn Monroe and Tom Ewell. It’s best on a hot summer night.

I’m reading The Big Goodbye by Sam Wasson.  It’s making me feel nostalgic for Jack Nicholson in Chinatown – a classic.  I always wondered about the process Robert Towne went through to create that Oscar winning screenplay. The answer is he had a lot of unacknowledged help:  from research by his girlfriend Julie Payne, development from his old friend Edward Taylor, and wrap up by the director Roman Polanski.

Escapism. Why not?

There’s this virus…

Bernie Sanders I Love You

NYT, Seth Wenig/Associated Press

NYT, Seth Wenig/Associated Press

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