The Yankees are playing the Mariners in Seattle. That’s a tough one. My default is Seattle but the Yankees, hard to resist.

I digress. This is about politics, specifically an ad I just saw between the 4th and the 5th innings for the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada. Don’t be fooled by that first descriptor. And in this ad, a woman with a blue nylon sweater sat talking with some other sad looking people who just came from the depression ad, saying that Justin Trudeau wasn’t the right choice (I’m paraphrasing) because, well, he needs to grow up and he isn’t ready.

So what the PCs are saying is, yes, this is the right guy, but we’re not ready for him. I’ll bet they are not ready for him. And they’ll never be ready for him because then they wouldn’t be in power.

I’ve never voted Liberal in my life. I vote NDP, the New Democratic Party, always have and had no intention of changing. But you know what Prime Minister Harper?  I am ready.

Bring him on.


Justin Trudeau, April 2013

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