It’s going to rain.

“It’s going to rain,” she said. “I was going for a walk but I’m turning back.”

“It’s not going to rain,” repeating, “it’s not going to rain. The weather forecast says it’s going to be hot on the weekend.”

“Hot?” She was looking up. “No, it looks dark. It’s going to rain.”

“It’s not going to rain. It’s dark because the sun is setting. There is no rain in the forecast for 4 days.”

“Really? No rain? But it’s cold…It’s going to rain.”

“It’s cold because you are in the shade. It’s going to be dry.”

She was incredulous. “Dry?”


“No rain?”

“That’s right. No rain.”

She needed to believe it and continued on her walk.

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I met an angel today

It was raining.  I set out without an umbrella because I wouldn’t be able to carry it with groceries. The rain had become heavy by the time I left the store.  Several tributaries swept the wide sidewalk.  A swiftly flowing stream filled the gutter.   Hard rain drops sank into my trench coat. I wondered how long the brown paper grocery bag could hold out.

A man appeared beside me, keeping my pace, holding his umbrella over us. I glanced up at him, expecting a friend or acquaintance but he was a stranger.  His umbrella was not oversized, just barely big enough for the two of us.  He was close, our sides touching. I looked at him again, directly up into his face.  He was tall.  Black hair, short, a little cowlick in the front. His complexion was pale and luminescent. I said “thank you” and introduced myself.  He told me his name: Ozzy.  We shook hands. “You’re like an angel,” I told him.  He didn’t respond. “How far are you going?” “Straight for a while,” he replied gently.

“Are you coming from work?” he asked.

“Yes, I just needed to pick up a few things.”  We came to my block.  “I am turning down here.”

Ozzy smiled, “Have a nice evening.” I wished him the same, thanking him again, and turned into the rain.

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