I met an angel today

It was raining.  I set out without an umbrella because I wouldn’t be able to carry it with groceries. The rain had become heavy by the time I left the store.  Several tributaries swept the wide sidewalk.  A swiftly flowing stream filled the gutter.   Hard rain drops sank into my trench coat. I wondered how long the brown paper grocery bag could hold out.

A man appeared beside me, keeping my pace, holding his umbrella over us. I glanced up at him, expecting a friend or acquaintance but he was a stranger.  His umbrella was not oversized, just barely big enough for the two of us.  He was close, our sides touching. I looked at him again, directly up into his face.  He was tall.  Black hair, short, a little cowlick in the front. His complexion was pale and luminescent. I said “thank you” and introduced myself.  He told me his name: Ozzy.  We shook hands. “You’re like an angel,” I told him.  He didn’t respond. “How far are you going?” “Straight for a while,” he replied gently.

“Are you coming from work?” he asked.

“Yes, I just needed to pick up a few things.”  We came to my block.  “I am turning down here.”

Ozzy smiled, “Have a nice evening.” I wished him the same, thanking him again, and turned into the rain.

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