m x 10

My favourite mirror is at work. To save the environment my employer reduced the lights.  There were other modifications too, many.  Remove that comma – too many.

Low flush toilets … don’t get me started.

But back to me. This special mirror, which used to be just like every other mirror, is now not so bright; downright shady. I like it.

Without my glasses I can hardly see myself.  And what I do see, wow, I look incredible. Never better.  I make a point of using that washroom.

One day not long ago I ordered a travel mirror:  the Lumi, in Rose Gold. The Lumi has a magnification x 10, or if I was a scientist, m x 10.

What does m x 10 = ?   It equals Holy S __ __ __ !

I have a MOUSTACHE ? !

“Hello, Evelyn?  When can you see me?  No, no.  It isn’t growing back.  Now I have a bigger problem.  When can I come in?  Fantastic!  See you soon.”

I need a facial.

What was that plastic surgeon’s name Cathy told me about?

I wonder how long it will take to get in for lasers.

“Hello, is this the Facial Rejuvination Centre?  Ok, good. I need an appointment.  That’s too long.  Put me on your wait list.  I need fillers.  Fast.”

Lovely locks, Lovelylocks, oh, there it is.  Email, email address : LoveYourLocks@…    “Dear Reception, please book me in for a touch up. What is available?  Can I come tomorrow?  I could make later today.  Are you open late?  Please get back as soon as you read this.”

Where’s the Grey Goose …

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